Reorganizing My Tack

Reorganizing My Tack

A few days ago, I found some gems that inspired a redo of my entire tack’s organization. These storage bins were perfect for my stuff, so I grabbed them right away to upcycle.


They were nasty when I got them, so to clean them I used:

  1. A dustpan and small broom (to sweep off big clumps of dust)
  2. Sanitizing Wipes (to clean and sanitize everything)
  3. A cloth (to dry and clean any stubborn pieces of dust)
  4. Bathroom cleaner (to clean stubborn stains on the top of one bin)

So, for reorganizing:

First, I took the big and bulky bins out of the kneehole in my wall where my horse stuff stays. After looking through my things, I decided where to put everything in the new bins.


Small green bin:

  • Top drawer: leather pieces for the bridle and extra reins
  • Middle drawer: cross ties, gloves, misc.
  • Bottom drawer: other leather pieces (martingales and girths)

Large green bin:

  • Top drawer: what I reach for the most (duct tape, medical armbands, stirrups)
  • Middle drawer: hay net, extra groom tote, extra treats
  • Bottom drawer: what I rarely use (boot bag, saddle and bridle racks, half chaps)


On top of that, I have my saddle pads in a ziploc storage bag because they don’t fit in any bins.

To the left, I have a bin with winter blankets and an extra blanket on top of that bin. Next to that is my extra saddle rack for shows.

The Final Product in my room:

20353757_1475466129201010_1232193961_o (2)

I love how this turned out! It’s so much easier to just open a drawer rather than pulling out all the bins to search for whatever you need. The clear drawers are perfect for easy finding, especially since my dad has a hard time finding things in here.

The medium sized black bin went to the barn to hold my wraps and bandages, and I’m planning to move my first kit in there as well!

How is your extra horse tack stored? 


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