Review: Annie’s Equestrienne Breeches

Review: Annie’s Equestrienne Breeches

I love reviews. I love these breeches even more.



Annie’s Equestrienne is a small but growing, family-owned business. The daughter (Annie) dreamed up some colorful breeches, and her mom made it happen! These breeches are not only fun for adults, they are perfect for children, too. The company’s collection ranges from breeches to shadbellies and competition jackets to schooling shirts to jewelry.

Let’s start with the visual: I have the Original Blue color, which is a beautiful mint, light blue. The pockets (which are nice and roomy) have cream piping and are lined with blingy crystals. I actually received a compliment on these from a non-horsey person yesterday – they’re that pretty!

Bonus: They match my Dover light blue pad perfectly!

They have cream knee patches and cream sock bottoms. The breeches are mid-rise with a zip and button. They also have 1″ belt loops. In the pictures you see here, I actually borrowed one of my mom’s belts because all of my belts are 2″ wide – precisely because I hate 1″ belt loops. But I’ll survive, these are too cute not to wear!

Next, the feel of the breeches: these are 100% summer breeches. They’re lightweight and comfortable. I rarely wear these in the winter because I live in Ohio, where temperatures get pretty low, but they’re great for the other three seasons.

The sock bottoms are soft. To remind you, I’m 5’1. These breeches would be perfect for someone 5’4″ to 5’8″ – which means I actually roll the sock bottoms up. They’re nice and flexible, so they don’t crease and pinch my ankles after they’re rolled.

I’ve had these for over a year, probably closer to two, and they still look brand new! The crystals are solidly attached, none of the stitching has come undone, and there aren’t any noticeable stains. These test well for durability for me!

Note the rolled bottoms!

The pros:

Lightweight, colorful, and comfortable, these are my go to summer breeches.

The cons:

Too tall for me, and I hate the 1″ belt loops. 2″ belt loops are the way to go!


These are a total win. They’re comfortable, fit well, and pretty. I’ve received so many compliments on them, and I love standing out with the color! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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