Summer Must Haves for Horse and Rider

Summer Must Haves for Horse and Rider

Summer is a time of long, sunny, and hot days. These are my five go-to items for horse and rider in the warmest season.

  1. Absorbine Hooflex Natural
    Long, hot nights out in the pasture mean Beau’s feet get torn up quickly. Right now he’s getting his feet done nearly every 4 weeks. Hooflex is my lifesaver, and I like the natural version because it’s clear and it doesn’t smell.
  2. Endure Fly Spray
    Endure is life. This stuff works incredibly well. Plus, the spray bottle is extremely nice quality and will last longer than the product if you like to make homemade or concentrate fly spray.
  3. Peppermint Essential Oil
    This is a new discovery for me. Last week, Beau had a massage by someone who invests in essential oils. It was 90+ degrees, and he was sweating pretty badly. After his massage, she put a few drops of this into a bucket of water for me to sponge him off with because it aids in cooling. He was dry in minutes! I will definitely be investing in more of this soon!
    NOW Foods - 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapeutic Peppermint Oil - 2 oz. Image 1 of 2
  4. SmartPak SunShield Short Sleeve Shirt
    This is actually a replacement for my Noble Outfitters Amy shirt, which was discontinued. I specifically chose one with short sleeves, because I think riding in long sleeves in the heat is practically suicide. This shirt has mesh underarm sleeves and a quarter zip which I like, and I love this pink color!
  5. Secret Aerosol Deodorant
    This stuff is magic. I don’t know how I lived before spray deodorant. I sweat a lot. I get it from my dad (thanks a lot!). Even though it’d be impossible to find a deodorant that keeps me completely dry in this heat, this comes pretty close.
    Secret® Powder Fresh Aerosol Antiperspirant/Deodorant Spray 6 oz. Aerosol Can Image 1 of 7

These are my 2017 Summer go-to’s. They keep me and my horse in top condition.

What do you reach for in the summer?


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