3 Easy DIY Ribbon Displays

3 Easy DIY Ribbon Displays

My ribbons are one of my favorite parts of my room!

Circle Belt Holder Display:


This display is so simple and cute. Simply take a circle belt holder like this one and put your ribbons through the loops, pushing the tails of the ribbons behind the rosettes. Mine are organized by color. Then, just hang the hanger.

Hook and String Display:


The easiest and most common display. Simply take two Command hooks and stick them to your wall. Hang the string from hook to hook. Each rosette can then be hung on the string. I’ve hung mine in color order, one string for me, one for my dad.

Lantern Display:


This is the most time-consuming display, but it’s still easy. I took the time to fold each ribbon’s tail into the hanger on the back, but you could easily cut the tails off if you wanted. Next, just arrange the rosettes so that they are visible through the glass. I had a lantern with a loop on the top, so, I also strung some single ribbons through it. Lastly, I added the giant ribbon to the outside because it simply wouldn’t fit anywhere else, but I think it added a nice touch.

How do you display your ribbons?




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