Review: Noble Outfitters Amy Quarter Zip Shirt

Review: Noble Outfitters Amy Quarter Zip Shirt

This Noble Outfitters Amy Shirt has sat in my closet with the tags on for about six months. Boy, was I missing out!

The reason for that is this shirt is a lightweight, white shirt. And I didn’t have a white bra until about a month ago!

I was nervous to wear this shirt for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s WHITE.
  2. It has 3/4 sleeves.
  3. It’s almost see-through.

Turns out, all of those worries were unfounded.

Even though it’s white and my horse is a rubber, licker, and slobberer, this shirt stayed miraculously clean. The picture above was actually taken after our ride, and it’s still clean!

The sleeves were snug but not tight on my arms. The material of this shirt is magic and actually cooled me down more than if I had worn my regular sleeveless tanks. Now, I did ride in this on a relatively cool day, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so I’ll be curious to see how it does in the hotter weather (it’s been 85+ the past few weeks).

At home in my room, I could see the outline of my bra, especially if I was looking for it. However, once the material had settled and I got out in the sunlight, the lines were much less noticeable. I was wearing a white Nike sports bra.

I was also worried about how it would handle sweat, but it turns out that the material kept me pretty cool and what I did sweat wasn’t noticeable through the shirt.

This shirt was incredibly cooling, lightweight, and made me feel more professional than my normal tanks or t-shirts.

The pros: 

Lightweight and cooling

The cons:

White and slightly see-through


This shirt is both cute and efficient, and I would definitely recommend it!


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