I Did This to Myself

I Did This to Myself

Sunday, Beau and I had a great ride.

I was especially excited about this ride because my dad was able to come watch and direct me. Every time he does this, it’s like a mini lesson, whether he means to or not! I’m happy to have his insight.

I started warming him up walk/trot. Next, we moved to leg yields, where we discovered that they were about three times as good going away from home as they were going towards home.

We worked on our canter. I was wimpy and let him break on me one too many times. Of course, this made me frustrated. I took Beau for a lap at a hand gallop to tell him, “Yes, it’s okay to go forward,” and to let me relax. Dad was a little baffled because we were working on our collected canter when I decided to open him up, but we were much better as a team afterwards. We then worked at bending and counterbending at the trot.

We finished up on our counterbending work and it was time to jump! We started with a simple trot X jump both ways. Next, we trotted in, cantered out a small 2′ line. Then, we bumped up to a nice, short canter and popped over it again, both ways. We also cantered the X and the line together, adding on a white gate leaned to be about 2′ high.

Then, the dreaded centerline vertical. I jumped it straight down the center, at a nice collected canter. Beau chipped in, and I left a little early. We went to do it again, and I tried to angle my line, but I ended up doing it exactly the same. We chipped again, and this time a caught my pinky finger on his neck.

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Two days later

I finished the jump and brought him to a halt before yelling for my dad to come over, quickly. I had felt my finger move, and I needed him to pop it back in place. He popped it, and I got so nauseous. I ended up having to get off and lay down in the arena for about 20 minutes before my head stopped spinning.

Beau got put away (I helped, eventually), and Dad and I headed home.

Now, two days later, my finger is buddy wrapped, but still black and blue. We will most likely get an x-ray on Wednesday unless it gets better in the next day.

I did it to myself. *sigh*


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