Blog Hop: Halloween Past, Present, & Future

Blog Hop: Halloween Past, Present, & Future


October’s Bridle and Bone Blog Hop is appropriately Halloween-themed.

Equestrian Blog Hop

To be perfectly honest, Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays. I have zero self-control, so put me in front of candy, and I’ll eat it. Not fantastic for a girl who really wants to watch her sugar intake. So, I’ll keep this short and sweet!

Image result for candy halloween

One of my best friends may be the queen of Halloween FX makeup, but I am not, and costumes are not my strong suit.

So, limitation of candy + bad costumes = boring Halloween.

I haven’t had a barn Halloween tradition in years. At my first barn, PLF, we had a Halloween costume party, but after that it never seemed important, especially as I drifted between farms. But I distinctly remember my brother dressing up with the horse he used to ride as Toy Story characters at that first barn and letting the old schoolies bob for apples!

I would love to have a Halloween tradition. My current barn family is amazing, and I plan to stay here as long as I can. We didn’t do anything this year, but I’d love to have a costume contest or something fun like that – a way to party together.

However, we’re also lucky to have plenty of Halloween-themed shows (especially one well-known Hunter Pace) near us, and I’d absolutely love to be able to do one or more of those. So, once Beau and I have conquered some more shows and we’ve found the elusive horse trailer we need, maybe this can be a Halloween tradition for years to come.

Whatever spooky tradition we come up with, I can’t wait to share it with Beau!


2 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Halloween Past, Present, & Future

  1. I’m not usually a Halloween person. Lots of work for one day. But I was inspired this year. The work was worth it. I should remember that when I try to talk myself out of things.

    Find a place to donate the candy?


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