National Day of the Horse

National Day of the Horse

National Day of the Horse is December 13.

Okay, maybe I missed it. But here is a post about how grateful I am that horses have been a part of my life six days late.

First up, my handsome boy, Beau:

  • Off the track Thoroughbred
  • 17hh
  • Gelding
  • Slightly crazy

IMG_3251 (2)

Next, Norman.

  • Passed away on December 16, 2014.
  • Warmblood
  • Gelding
  • We were going to buy him, but he passed from an infected hock injury.
  • I rarely rode him (he was really my dad’s), but I loved him.



  • Off track Thoroughbred
  • 15.3hh
  • Gelding
  • My first true lease, and I loved him very much.
  • Passed away within the past year.




  • Off track Thoroughbred (sense a theme yet?)
  • First horse my dad and I shared
  • 16.2hh
  • Gelding
  • Currently teaching little ones at a lovely barn in central Ohio.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and horse


  • The Original Thoroughbred (that I worked with…)
  • Gelding
  • Passed away in 2013, the first horse I ever loved.

Obviously, I can’t put all the horses who have made an impact in my life on here, I’d be here forever. But I’m very happy to be able to list these select few that I loved more than anything in the world.


3 thoughts on “National Day of the Horse

  1. How wonderful that the national day of the horse is just 4 days from my birthday. That must be why I love horses so much. Thank you for the great blog! Love, Dad


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