Going Alone

Going Alone


Yesterday, I went to the barn for the first time alone since The Finger Incident.

It was 18 degrees, and I was not feeling it. But apparently I didn’t need that much motivation to go since it took one, “[Beau]’s probably missing you,” text from le garcon to get me to go.

It took a solid half hour for the shuttle to pick me up to get to my car, then another solid 15 minutes to dig out my car from the foot of snow Ohio decided to dump on us the night before.

But I was excited to get there.

I groomed him in his stall since he was munching away at his hay. It’s funny how much better he is with us being in his stall when he’s eating. He used to be so cranky when we first got him.

Then I put on his fancy halter (shout out to our awesome barn family!) and walked him down to the big indoor.


Of course on the way down, he had to walk into the giant snowbank, but he was posing like he knew I was taking pictures (he probably did).


Once in the ring, I took him off lead and let him roll around, and then we worked on walking and stopping off lead with me, which he was perfect for. The only thing he didn’t do was go over the cross rail, but he did go around to come stand by me. Good try, bubba.

Then another horse came into the ring (Otto, I think). It’s funny how much he changes with other horses. He was FOCUSED on this guy. I had put his lead back on but just draped it over his neck and worked to get his attention back.


We did a bit more “off” lead work then moved to the hula hoop. He was looking at it for a second, but then decided it wasn’t worth caring about.


So, he was a really good, relaxed boy, and it always makes me happy when he wants to follow me because he can.


My one downfall was trying to get his blanket back on with one hand, but I made it work.

Then I got snuggles and he got a candy cane and a couple of his favorite dry cookies (aka not Stud Muffins), which are butterscotch.

It was a good day.


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