Let’s Talk About Nerves

Let’s Talk About Nerves


Tonight, I’m riding Beau for the first time in almost two months. And I’ll admit it, I’m nervous.

I have a very large, sometimes spooky horse. I feel like that’s all I repeat on here, how Beau can be a lot to handle, and how I handle him. But, eh, here we go again.

It’s over 50 degrees today! It’s sunny and balmy, but with sun and heat comes spring fever.

I plan to keep my ride simple today. Walk, trot, maybe a lap of canter if he’s being good. So, there’s really nothing to worry about, I can do that in my sleep. But I still am. So, let’s talk about what I’m doing about it.

How I handle nerves:

  1. Bring a friend.
    Today, I’m bringing E with me. He’s never seen me ride so it should be a fun way to keep myself from overthinking. He likes asking questions, so I’ll be distracted by answering those instead of worrying about Beau. Plus he can photo/video for me!
  2. Visualize.
    Horses are unpredictable creatures. I think of the many ways my ride can go. If it goes well, I think of how happy I’ll be. If he bucks or spooks, I think how I’ll handle it. Even if he gets me off, I’ll think about how I’ll handle it. But always try to be positive.
  3. Listen to your pump-up music.
    In the car driving there, put on your favorite playlist. This is a tried and true way to calm your nervousness. It lets you relax because the sounds are familiar. Plus dancing is good for the soul!
  4. Take care of yourself.
    People (okay, me.) tend to skip out on eating if they’re nervous. DO NOT DO THIS. It will not end well. But if you eat and drink enough, you will be strong enough to do what you want to do and to do it well.
  5. Enjoy your horse beforehand.
    There is no rush to ride. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Take time to brush, pet, and just be with your horse.

I’ll update with another post after my ride. Wish me luck!




7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Nerves

  1. I rode my horse outside for the very first time yesterday and I was pretty nervous. But I had a friend with me, reminded myself that I have the skills and knowledge to ride through some “hotness” and that if things got too bad, I could ALWAYS just get off.



  2. Nerves are so fickle! I like your strategy though. Last night, I went to get on May bareback. I was alone at the barn (although the husband knew where I was and how long I planned on riding), and she hadn’t been ridden for a week. I always have a weird hesitation about getting on bareback, but FLING myself up there I did, and I have the best little wander around with my horse.


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