First Ride Back!!

First Ride Back!!



Yesterday, I had my first ride back on Beau after re-breaking my left pinky finger. Overall, I’d consider it a good-but-not-great ride! I was extremely happy to have a “boring” ride, as I was pretty nervous.

We did walk, trot, and canter both ways, and Erika even convinced me to pop over a teeny-tiny crossrail. I guess I am that crazy rider who jumps her first ride back!

Now, just because my ride was boring (read: SAFE) does not mean it was boring. Beau tested me on everything. Now, one of the things I tell every rider who gets on Beau is that he will test you. I’ve worked hard for almost three years (whoa!!) to get his respect and obedience under saddle. He seems to have forgotten who’s in charge, but he’ll remember soon enough!

When I say he tested me, I mean he fought me on everything. Beau: Can I get away with this? What about this? This? This? These things included everything from stopping in the middle of the arena, giving me the slowest trot of all time, and my least favorite, falling in.

But it was still a very productive ride because it gave me confidence. It let me remember where my body parts need to go, how my muscles need to move, and what I need to think about.


Being back to riding has rejuvenated me. I’ve been bingeing horse YouTube videos, coming up with blog posts non-stop, and thinking up exercises to try with Beau to get ready for the show season!

Stay tuned for more updates from me and Beau!


3 thoughts on “First Ride Back!!

  1. Ugh I know how tough falls are such a confidence killer. I’m glad your first ride back went well and can’t wait to see all the horses get back into spring fighting fit


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