Moving Forward

Moving Forward


I know my posts have been a little melancholy lately, but I have good news. I have had two awesome lessons in the past two weeks.

They’ve both been focusing on the same thing: flexion.

Now, the first ride back, I wrote about how much we had lost that bend and how much I had to work for it and how he didn’t have the strength to hold himself in the proper position for long.

Each ride has gotten better. That first ride, it was a step or two. The second, it was a couple strides, but faster and easier. This third ride, it was a couple strides but even easier, more, and faster. It’s coming together.

I know part of it is because my dad’s been working very hard on it, but part of it is because I’m remembering how to ride him: what cues to use, how much to use, what he likes and dislikes.

We continued working on our walk and trot flexion in a circle. Forward and upward impulsion is the key. Keep the movement forward while the head and neck stretch down over the back. We were also working on our walk to canter transitions, which came out very nicely. He picked up his leads well and tucked himself under to actually use and carry himself.

This is the week for us to finally start working on a schedule again. My plans are to ride Tuesday (check), Thursday, and Sunday.

It’s finally starting to warm up here too, although 17th winter could be coming, who knows? My next mission is to transform Beau from winter yak to show-ready handsome guy. His mane is atrocious and he needs a bath, so as soon as I can his mane is getting pulled and he’ll get a bath once it warms up.

How have your rides been lately? Let me know in the comments!




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