One Wishlist Item Down!

One Wishlist Item Down!

Everyone, meet Brea. Yes, I did name our trailer. Yes, I picked Brea because it’s one letter different from Beau. Yes, I love it.

Trailer specs:

2018 River Valley

  • Custom built
  • Ohio made
  • 7’6″ height
  • 2600 empty weight
  • 12′ long
  • Step up
  • Straight load
  • Silver and gray two-tone


  • Two saddle racks
  • Six-hook bridle rack
  • Blanket bars
  • Rubber mats
  • Spare tire

My parents and I made an impromptu trip to Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH this past weekend. It was our first time going, and, although we were all overwhelmed, we all loved it too. We had a blast walking around the trade stalls and picked up some small things Beau needed, then headed over to the trailer arena.

I was just getting discouraged when I popped my head in this guy (the 10′ long model of our custom version) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and price. We had the chance to meet the owner of River Valley Trailers (previously Eclipse Trailers) and the owner of the dealership. Both men were extremely nice businessmen who spent about an hour total speaking with my dad. They listened and related to our equine experience and gave us the best options for our situation. I would highly recommend River Valley to anyone looking for a new trailer!

We also got a chance to watch Fantasia, the musical equine experience. It was super fun! Lots of different disciplines and riders coming together for the love of horses. That’s the way it should be!

Do you have a trailer/horse box/float? What brand?



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