Review: IRH IR4G Helmet

Review: IRH IR4G Helmet

Today I’m going to write something I never thought I’d write in 2018: I love my IRH helmet.


When I first started riding, I rode in the old clunky model IRH, which was probably a little too small for me and definitely not my favorite aesthetically. But it was safe and relatively comfortable and protected my head from the umpteen amount of falls I took while learning to ride.

I moved from that IRH into an Ovation that I loved, then into my first Charles Owen. I’ve ridden in a CO for about 4 years, so I was surprised when the tack store representative suggested the new IRH – and that it fit perfectly.

My CO always pinched at my temples, but I figured that was just a downside to riding in helmets. My IRH – no pinching! This is because IRH helmets are Oval-shaped while CO helmets are round. (Do you want an article on the difference? Let me know in the comments!)

I’ve now had this helmet for four months, so I have a pretty good idea of what this helmet is like.

In action (I really need some new pictures of me riding, this is the best I have!):

So, on to the actual helmet review of the IRH IR4G Helmet.


The helmet is a soft black matte color with a hard shell (aka it’s not a suede helmet). It has a large vent in the front. The comfortable linings are replaceable to make the helmet slightly tighter or looser. It is also ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified, so it’s ready to show in.

The snap is plastic, with a velcro “quick-release” adjustment system. This harness system is one of my least favorite parts of the helmet. It’s angled awkwardly so that it feels tight no matter what – but you do stop noticing once you start riding. The velcro adjustment system can be itchy as well.

I usually stop noticing this helmet once I start riding. It doesn’t bounce, shift, or sit tilted on my head. It has a good brim to keep the sun out of my eyes, but isn’t a wide brim – those are a bit too “space age” for my tastes anyways.

I ride with my hair down in a ponytail but you could easily fit a bun under the harness as well. I don’t recommend riding with your hair up due to safety concerns from recent studies – however, if you show with your hair up, make sure your helmet is fitted with your hair up too!

Overall, this helmet is comfortable on my head, vented and cool, and stylish. It functions well and keeps my head safe, which is my #1 priority.

Price: Dover currently has this helmet listed at $179.95.

Worth it? I definitely think so. I’m glad IRH has decided to step up their game to create a modern helmet that I can actually enjoy showing off to the equestrian community.

What helmet do you ride in?


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