3 Months Later…

3 Months Later…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since May. I guess I really just haven’t had the motivation.

Quite a bit has changed – the primary of which is the start of school. For the summer, I had a flexible schedule internship that allowed me to pretty much ride whenever I wanted. It’s weird to be back to having a scheduled life.

Now, I’m balancing 15 credit hours of schoolwork, working, riding, volunteering, and seeing if I can add in a club or two. It’s a lot, but it’s the way I like it!


In addition, Beau has a brand-spanking-new Stubben dressage saddle. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I love it. I’m actually struggling to force myself to jump (which is something I never thought I’d ever say, ever). It puts my leg in a longer position that helps Beau understand what I want, and I’m using my whole body more to ask him for movements.

To go with that, I found a pretty ThinLine dressage girth online for 25 bucks. It’s a little small for Beau, but he seems comfortable in it. It’s a nice girth until I can save up for one a bit bigger.


Beau attended his second show at Pure Gold, which went well! Considering the last time we were there he was a bucking bronco, I am incredibly happy with our second place ribbon (should’ve been a first, but there was a bit of rider error on the jump off!).

He also went cross country schooling with my dad at Bath, which resulted in a funny fall video (no one was seriously hurt) and a search party in the woods. Luckily, he came home with not even a scratch! (Plus, my dad falling off was totally karma for going without me.)

Part of the reason I’ve found my horsey mojo again is I’ve signed us up for a Waylon Roberts clinic at Stone Gate in a few weeks. I’m SO excited; I’ve been trying to get into one of these for years since my friends started going. Waylon is a Canadian Olympian and 4 Star eventer. From what I’ve seen of friends’ videos, he like challenging riders and throwing odd lines and obstacles at the horses. It will also be interesting as (on my current schedule) it will be mine and Beau’s first time on XC together. I know, I call myself an eventer and have had Beau for 3 years and I still haven’t taken him out. Yay for the new trailer!


Good news, I took him out to our back pasture to ride and he was very responsive if just a little slow. Which, in all honesty, I’d rather he be until I get my confidence back up.

Speaking of confidence, mine has been up and down. I’m doing everything fine, it’s just riding alone has made me a nervous rider. I’ve taken too many falls to be brazen when I’m riding by myself. However, my jumping confidence is doing well, although I haven’t done too much of it lately.

All in all, I’d say the past three months have been good. Nothing special, other than my saddle (hooray!), but good and generally quiet. I’ll take it.

Here’s to pushing myself in the school year!


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