Desensitizing: What are MY Spooks?

Desensitizing: What are MY Spooks?

I got the idea for this post off of The Timid Rider’s Desensitizing the Rider.

We talk about our horse’s needing desensitization all the time. It’s rare that we talk about the desensitization we as riders need.

Before we bought Beau, I was the crazy rider. I’d ride anything you put in front of me, and I’d pretty much do anything I was told. I’ll still pretty much do that, but I’ve learned from my big spook of a horse.

I’ve actually become a bit of a nervous rider. While I was reading Heather’s post, I started to think about what worries me when I ride.

Riding alone – I ride at odd times, and I’m usually the only one on when I ride. I’ve been limiting myself by thinking about what would happen if I fell when I’m alone.

The far end of the outdoor – Beau has started doing this spinning thing on the far end of the arena. I can push him forward through it, but it usually results in bucking or running. It’s made me hesitant to work on that end; I need to work on it more.

Three-quarters of the way down the far long side of the indoor – I know, so specific. But I hate that spot. Beau has spooked there like 5000 times and it either ends in him bolting or bucking or me on the ground.

Walking away from the barn on the driveway – this is probably my most frustrating fear. He won’t ride in a circle away from the barn. He either ends up half-rearing (which is a hard no for me) or nearly running into the cars parked at the end. I try to work on it after every ride in the outdoor.

So, I think these are good things to work on “desensitizing” myself to in the upcoming months.

What would you want to “desensitize” yourself to as a rider?



2 thoughts on “Desensitizing: What are MY Spooks?

  1. I think my biggest worry is crashing, and it comes from never jumping outside of lessons (or alone) when I was a kid. I’ve pushed myself out of my boundaries quite a lot this year so I think I will progressively get over it (not related to riding I am hate talking on the phone lol)

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  2. I want to desensitizing myself to jumping. Just learn to go with it, and to just go with whatever spot is coming. My mare does spook, but her spooks are so random and at the most random ridiculous things, that just when I think I’ve learned what she is going to spook at (green mail boxes) it changes!

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