3 Easy DIY Ribbon Displays

3 Easy DIY Ribbon Displays

My ribbons are one of my favorite parts of my room!

Circle Belt Holder Display:


This display is so simple and cute. Simply take a circle belt holder like this one and put your ribbons through the loops, pushing the tails of the ribbons behind the rosettes. Mine are organized by color. Then, just hang the hanger.

Hook and String Display:


The easiest and most common display. Simply take two Command hooks and stick them to your wall. Hang the string from hook to hook. Each rosette can then be hung on the string. I’ve hung mine in color order, one string for me, one for my dad.

Lantern Display:


This is the most time-consuming display, but it’s still easy. I took the time to fold each ribbon’s tail into the hanger on the back, but you could easily cut the tails off if you wanted. Next, just arrange the rosettes so that they are visible through the glass. I had a lantern with a loop on the top, so, I also strung some single ribbons through it. Lastly, I added the giant ribbon to the outside because it simply wouldn’t fit anywhere else, but I think it added a nice touch.

How do you display your ribbons?



Reorganizing My Tack

Reorganizing My Tack

A few days ago, I found some gems that inspired a redo of my entire tack’s organization. These storage bins were perfect for my stuff, so I grabbed them right away to upcycle.


They were nasty when I got them, so to clean them I used:

  1. A dustpan and small broom (to sweep off big clumps of dust)
  2. Sanitizing Wipes (to clean and sanitize everything)
  3. A cloth (to dry and clean any stubborn pieces of dust)
  4. Bathroom cleaner (to clean stubborn stains on the top of one bin)

So, for reorganizing:

First, I took the big and bulky bins out of the kneehole in my wall where my horse stuff stays. After looking through my things, I decided where to put everything in the new bins.


Small green bin:

  • Top drawer: leather pieces for the bridle and extra reins
  • Middle drawer: cross ties, gloves, misc.
  • Bottom drawer: other leather pieces (martingales and girths)

Large green bin:

  • Top drawer: what I reach for the most (duct tape, medical armbands, stirrups)
  • Middle drawer: hay net, extra groom tote, extra treats
  • Bottom drawer: what I rarely use (boot bag, saddle and bridle racks, half chaps)


On top of that, I have my saddle pads in a ziploc storage bag because they don’t fit in any bins.

To the left, I have a bin with winter blankets and an extra blanket on top of that bin. Next to that is my extra saddle rack for shows.

The Final Product in my room:

20353757_1475466129201010_1232193961_o (2)

I love how this turned out! It’s so much easier to just open a drawer rather than pulling out all the bins to search for whatever you need. The clear drawers are perfect for easy finding, especially since my dad has a hard time finding things in here.

The medium sized black bin went to the barn to hold my wraps and bandages, and I’m planning to move my first kit in there as well!

How is your extra horse tack stored? 

18 Motivational Quotes That Will Keep Any Equestrian Determined

18 Motivational Quotes That Will Keep Any Equestrian Determined


Inspired by Jumper Nation’s post 10 Mantras From Non-Equestrians To Transform Your Next Round, my list includes all of their quotes, as well as some of my own personal favorites. *None of these quotes are my own.

  1. Next play. Next play.
    This is a great reminder to forget about your past struggles and look to the future to really show what you can do,
  2. I got this.
    Never forget that you can do whatever you put your mind to do.
  3. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.
    If you are determined, you can stretch beyond what you think is possible to attain the impossible.
  4. I know what I have to do.
    As soon as you think this phrase, you relax and immediately calm down and focus.
  5. Green as grass and ready to kick some ass.
    One of my personal favorites, this is great for people like me who ride greenies, this quote is a great reminder that you are ready to compete with the big boys/girls.
  6. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.
    Another reminder that anything is possible!
  7. Be water.
    This is a great reminder to go with the flow and not to worry about the bumps and knots in the river’s path.
  8. Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.
    Don’t be afraid to lose, but keep the drive and determination required to win.
  9. Decide. Commit. Succeed.
    Choose your goal, stick to it, and do whatever it takes to succeed in your eyes.
  10. Work until your idols become your rivals.
    Another of my favorites, this is a reminder that if you work enough, you can reach the level of your idols!
  11. Why not me? Why not us?
    There is nothing in the world that can limit you. One of my favorite inspirations is U.S. Para-Olympian Annie Peavy.
  12. Strive for progress, not perfection.
    Recently I read an article that called out the old mantra “Perfect practice makes perfect.” It stated that you should reward your horse and yourself with any small victory, instead of overreaching for perfection.
  13. When you think about quitting, remember why you started.
    This is fantastic for when you’re not happy with your discipline. Remember that first ride, that first cross country jump, that first flying change. And then Smile!
  14. The goal is not to ensure everything is right. The goal is to expose everything that is wrong.
    For the perfectionist, this is important to remember, especially in lessons. Lessons are for trying new things, screwing up, and growing in talent.
  15. Breathe. Believe. Battle.
    I love this one for competitions. Calm yourself, believe in yourself, and battle for the blue ribbon you know you deserve!
  16. Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.
    Whether it’s entering a new show class or exploring a new trail at home, you never know what you can achieve until you try.
  17. Don’t be afraid to be great.
    Never, never be scared to show your talent, even if it’s different from what you expected.
  18. Create the best conditions then let go of the outcome.
    Do the best you can to prepare, but be okay with losing. Sometimes you just need to learn from your mistakes.