Review: Noble Outfitters Amy Quarter Zip Shirt

Review: Noble Outfitters Amy Quarter Zip Shirt

This Noble Outfitters Amy Shirt has sat in my closet with the tags on for about six months. Boy, was I missing out!

The reason for that is this shirt is a lightweight, white shirt. And I didn’t have a white bra until about a month ago!

I was nervous to wear this shirt for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s WHITE.
  2. It has 3/4 sleeves.
  3. It’s almost see-through.

Turns out, all of those worries were unfounded.

Even though it’s white and my horse is a rubber, licker, and slobberer, this shirt stayed miraculously clean. The picture above was actually taken after our ride, and it’s still clean!

The sleeves were snug but not tight on my arms. The material of this shirt is magic and actually cooled me down more than if I had worn my regular sleeveless tanks. Now, I did ride in this on a relatively cool day, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so I’ll be curious to see how it does in the hotter weather (it’s been 85+ the past few weeks).

At home in my room, I could see the outline of my bra, especially if I was looking for it. However, once the material had settled and I got out in the sunlight, the lines were much less noticeable. I was wearing a white Nike sports bra.

I was also worried about how it would handle sweat, but it turns out that the material kept me pretty cool and what I did sweat wasn’t noticeable through the shirt.

This shirt was incredibly cooling, lightweight, and made me feel more professional than my normal tanks or t-shirts.

The pros: 

Lightweight and cooling

The cons:

White and slightly see-through


This shirt is both cute and efficient, and I would definitely recommend it!

Review: Charles Owen Helmets

Review: Charles Owen Helmets

Charles Owen has been my go-to helmet brand for 4 or 5 years.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, horse, hat and outdoor

Between my dad and I, we’ve used the:

The best part about these helmets is that they have about every safety certification known to man (or close to it!).


They are certified:

  • SEI/ASTM F1163
  • CE VG 01.040 2014-12
  • BSI Kitemark PAS015:2011
  • SNELL E2001

They’re super comfortable. Before switching to Charles Owen, I’d ridden in Ovations, Troxels, IRHs, and even a GPA. None of them are bad helmets, but none of them hold a candle to my Charles Owens. They are the most comfortable helmets I’ve ever put my head in.

The downfall of these Charles Owen helmets is that they have zero ventilation (the ARY8 is the cheapest one with any).


Image may contain: 1 person, standing, horse and outdoor

The helmets are covered with microfiber suede that is weather resistant. My JR8 Sparkle has a black sparkly center. It’s not a glossy sparkle, it’s a little rougher. However, it’s not a bad thing, it helps the sun reflect the sparkle even more.

The JR8s have nylon harnesses and plastic clasps, and the GR8 has a suede covered nylon-fortified harness with a metal clasp and button.

I have a hyper, huge horse. I fall off…more than the average person, and when I fall, it’s a long fall. I’m lucky in that I’ve yet to have to go the hospital for a fall (KNOCK ON WOOD), and I give plenty of the credit for that to my helmets and XC vests.


xc may.png

Helmet companies recommend your helmet should be replaced after every fall or after 5 years with light use (consistent riders should replace more often). My helmets tend to last about two years, about 2-4 falls per helmet. It’s not the best situation, but replacing my helmet everytime would be extremely expensive. I’ve gotten to the point where I am very good at landing on my feet or butt, not my head. That said, if it’s possible for you to replace your helmet after every fall, I encourage you to do so.

The pros:

The classic look (or fun sparkles) and A+ safety standards.

The cons:

No ventilation!



I trust my helmets to save my life every time I ride. There’s nothing I would trust more than Charles Owen!

Review: Annie’s Equestrienne Breeches

Review: Annie’s Equestrienne Breeches

I love reviews. I love these breeches even more.



Annie’s Equestrienne is a small but growing, family-owned business. The daughter (Annie) dreamed up some colorful breeches, and her mom made it happen! These breeches are not only fun for adults, they are perfect for children, too. The company’s collection ranges from breeches to shadbellies and competition jackets to schooling shirts to jewelry.

Let’s start with the visual: I have the Original Blue color, which is a beautiful mint, light blue. The pockets (which are nice and roomy) have cream piping and are lined with blingy crystals. I actually received a compliment on these from a non-horsey person yesterday – they’re that pretty!

Bonus: They match my Dover light blue pad perfectly!

They have cream knee patches and cream sock bottoms. The breeches are mid-rise with a zip and button. They also have 1″ belt loops. In the pictures you see here, I actually borrowed one of my mom’s belts because all of my belts are 2″ wide – precisely because I hate 1″ belt loops. But I’ll survive, these are too cute not to wear!

Next, the feel of the breeches: these are 100% summer breeches. They’re lightweight and comfortable. I rarely wear these in the winter because I live in Ohio, where temperatures get pretty low, but they’re great for the other three seasons.

The sock bottoms are soft. To remind you, I’m 5’1. These breeches would be perfect for someone 5’4″ to 5’8″ – which means I actually roll the sock bottoms up. They’re nice and flexible, so they don’t crease and pinch my ankles after they’re rolled.

I’ve had these for over a year, probably closer to two, and they still look brand new! The crystals are solidly attached, none of the stitching has come undone, and there aren’t any noticeable stains. These test well for durability for me!

Note the rolled bottoms!

The pros:

Lightweight, colorful, and comfortable, these are my go to summer breeches.

The cons:

Too tall for me, and I hate the 1″ belt loops. 2″ belt loops are the way to go!


These are a total win. They’re comfortable, fit well, and pretty. I’ve received so many compliments on them, and I love standing out with the color! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Review: SmartPak Piper Breeches

Review: SmartPak Piper Breeches

For Christmas this year, I put two pairs of breeches on my wish list: the SmartPak Original Knee Patch Pipers and the Dover Riding Sport Knee Patch Event Breeches. Both breeches I got, and both breeches I had to exchange. The returns and exchanges were easy for both pairs.

The exchange for both pairs went like this:
1. Filled out the exchange forms and sent them back.
2. Received a call that since it was the busy season, the exchange might take a while. I told them it was okay.
3. My breeches came in the mail!

The first thing you will notice about these breeches is that they are freaking adorable.

I got them in the navy/turquoise, so they are a beautiful, dark, rich navy blue with bright turquoise stitching on the knee patches, piping on the pockets, and the signature SmartPak logo.
They also have the best thing ever invented aka SOCK BOTTOMS. These soft, stretchy bottoms start right below the knee patches. I’m 5’1″ so breeches are usually a little long on me, so the stretchy material scrunches up around my ankles, which is way better that the velcro that cuts into my ankle bone.
Not the best picture, but you get the idea.
Let’s talk about fit for a second: To start with, I have a pretty hourglass figure, but I have thick thighs and a bit of a muffin top. But hey, we can’t all be perfect! I like mid-rise or “natural fit” breeches, because they sit comfortably over my stomach. The original Pipers fit perfectly, flattering my stomach and keeping everything contained while being stretchy enough to be comfortable. As for my thighs, the Pipers are stretchy enough to be comfortable, but they’re tight enough to still be flattering. They also have the Euro-seat, which is a nice touch.
These Pipers also have a 2″ wide belt loops, which are my favorite. They’re the perfect width for my C4 Belts, which are, as we all know, the best equestrian belts. I think they’re also more comfortable than the 1″ belts, which tend to be pinchy and unflattering.
The last part of these breeches I want to mention is the material of the Pipers. They are stretchy, but tight enough to be flattering (repetitive, I know). A loose breech is a fashion faux-pas for sure, and nobody likes that (the exception being male riders). I really like this material: it’s cool enough for the summer but warm enough for the winter.
It’s also pretty stain resistant. You know how I found this out? Because my horse is an idiot, and I’m cursed. Every single time I ride in a new product (breeches, boots, helmet, etc.), I fall off, either the first ride or one of the next rides. Well, these guys were no different.
Beau spooked at a tarp and bucked me off. These breeches, while covered in dirt from landing on my hip, cleaned up fairly well just brushing off the dirt, and still look brand new! I rode in them again last week and they were just as comfortable and nice as I remembered.
I definitely plan on getting another pair of these – they’re too nice to have just one, and I love all the colors.